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Hotel Location:

Fast hotel Idaman is strategically located at the heart Idaman Business centre right behing the Ong Tikim Bus station at batu 5 Jalan Gombak. 

It is srrounded by variouse attraction and conned to key points and places of interest. It is one 7-minute walk to Setapak Central mall, 5-minutes walking to the night market at danaukota, 4-minutes drive to Taman Green Wood at jalan Batu Caves (the out station bus station to the east region), 5-minutes to National Zoo at MRR2 Ulukelang, 8-minutes drive to UIA (IIUM), Gombak, 10-minutes drive to KLCC.


Routes to Hotel:

Fast Hotel Idamn can be reached easly by Putra LRT or Rapid KL buses

1] By putra LRT :

    Teman Melati is the nearest station to the Hotel which is 3 k distance away. can take Taxi or Rapid Bus No. T205 or U5 to pasarya ong tai kim.

2] Rapid KL buses:
     There is bus station right in-front of the Hotel station name (ong tai kim). A number of buses pass by this station. These buses are as following:

2-1] Bus NO. U5 (From Taman Melati LRT station to Medan Pasar)

2-2] Bus NO. U12 (From UIA Gombak to Medan Pasar)

2-3] Bus NO. U1 (From Pinggiran Batu Caves to Medan Pasar)

2-4] Bus NO. U201 (From Batu 12, Gombak to Chow Kit)

2-5] Bus NO. T205 (feeder for Taman Melati LRT station)

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